A little piece about me

As some people will know I am quite shy until you get to know me and then I can turn opinionated, some people won’t like this aspect of me although some people might enjoy reading my little opinions that I have about different things.

I am currently studying as a student in a quiet little town to hopefully some day be one of the very few women that seem to be working in technology and I hope to change this view that some people have got against women working in technology at all, because some people just think that it is a mens carrier and that women can’t do as good a job as men can do. I want to prove this statement wrong!

I am also gay, I came out at the age of 14 to my mum, this again could go against me getting a job with any credibility to it in the area that I live in, however I am prepared to battle against this in the fight that is equality.

This blog is about me expressing my views and hopefully inspiring those that read it to also get on with their live no matter what their struggles are because life throws us curve balls as a test to see how we deal with the different problems that life throws at us and it is important to remember that you can deal with the problems.

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