In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take

Hi everyone, 

It’s me again giving you all another update on how my week has gone since my last blog post. I can safely say that this week has been another busy week full of different things that I have been doing. 

Firstly I went to go and have my hair done by our lovely local stylist, and he is from down in London, he is extremely fascinating to talk to because he used to to wigs in some of the West End London theatre shows so the stories that he has got to tell all of his clients are amazing. He has met a lot of famous people in his time, but thinks of them as normal people and that is exactly how they should be treated just like me and you walking down the street, because a lot of people treat famous people differently and this can cause mental health problems with them because of them being followed and everything that they say being blown out of all proportion. Anyway back on to the subject of me having my hair done, I was only supposed to be having a trim and instead I ended up having a whole new hairstyle with a bob shape at the front and then either spiked at the back or flat depending if I am going out anywhere or not. 

Secondly on the Friday I enjoyed time down at my friends house where we had a bonfire, because some of his next door neighbours had chopped one of their trees down and thrown the cuttings over on to my friends garden. So the two boys joined us and we had a bonfire while we were having tea and then we had fireworks after we had all had tea. We all had a good laugh and a catch up that was overdue for all of us because it seemed like ages since we all had a good chat together.

Then the weekend arrived and well Saturday was spent relaxing in the morning in doors and mum falling asleep on the sofa, then we went out to tea with one of our close family friends who isn’t too keen on gays and so we have got to be very careful what we say and the topics we choose to talk about. All he seems to go on about is the bad things that have happened to LGBT people in the past and not the positive things that have happened or are happening now. Sunday was spent relaxing exactly like Sundays should be, in front of the TV with feet up watching films. 

Then to kickstart the week we took another one of our friends out for the afternoon and she is brilliant because she is one of the very few straight women that I get along with and she just looks at people and see’s them for being them and not just a sexuality or a gender that they have got to be classified with as some people would. The exact quote that she uses is, “I just look at Jemma and see Jemma.” The fact that we have got someone in our lives that does this is amazing, of course I help her and her lovely husband with any technical queries or anything that they might have any problems with. 

Thats it really this week


Signing off for another week

My quote for this week
Me with my new hair

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