Get to know me before you judge

Hi People,

Sorry it has been over a week since I last did a post, but this week has entailed party planning for my wonderful mum, as well as organising for Pride this weekend in Norwich. One of my friends will be joining me at Pride this year and it is actually his first pride that he has been to and I am pleased to say that he is nearly as excited as me (but not quite).

This week I wanted to do a general blog post that went by the theme of “Get to know me before you judge.” I think this quote is quite important because all you have to do in some places these day is say “I’m Gay” and then you seem to get judged. In this day and age you wouldn’t think that this would occur, however it seems like it still does in some areas that seem to be a little bit backward in dealing with gay people and then it becomes a taboo subject in conversations. However gay people are just ordinary people that instead of loving the opposite sex, they love the same sex, apart from that they are just the same as any Tom, Dick or Harry walking down the street. So in the case of Gay people or people that belong to minority groups you do need to get to know them before you judge. That remains the same if you are talking to people in general, because you can’t just look at someone and judge them by their appearance, because they might be a really nice person deep down, even if they don’t look perfect.

This week also with me going to pride it seems relevant to mention a man that used to live called Quentin Crisp, he actually became famous for being openly gay and staying true to his opinions, yes he got beaten because when he came out it was illegal to be gay. However no matter how many beatings he got, he still remained true to himself. He dressed the way he wanted to and he socialised with many people with whom of his own choice. Quentin was also arrested a great many times as well, although he was never jailed, this was because again of his sexuality. However when Quentin was arrested and put in front of a court he was never sent to jail, because whenever he was asked any questions in the dock, he always answered back with more questions, that succeeded with getting the judge confused because of how quick Quentin was posing the questions.  A film was also made about Quentin Crisp’s life so if you would like to know more about him, the film is called The Naked Civil Servant, this film is well worth a look.

As you can probably guess, the people who treated gays as though it was illegal to be gay in actual fact judged them all by their appearances and their sexuality, not because they were normal human beings. So when you see someone in the street don’t glare at them if they haven’t got all the top designer clothes or they might be gay. Just be thankful that you can live the way you want to live without being pressured to be someone who you’re not.

Well its that time again
Signing off for this week
This weeks blog quote

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