When You Stop And Look Around This Life Is Amazing

Hi all,

Once again I am writing this slightly later than I normally would and this is due to the fact that I have been enjoying an amazing weekend and a brilliant past two days away staying with one of my best friends.

On Saturday last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of going to Norwich Pride and taking part in the parade with one of my best friends who, for him it was his first pride ever and he loved every minute of it (even the samba drums). For me however it was only my second and I have to say that it was pretty amazing to see all of the gay couples and their children also taking part in the March. This to me really shows how far we have come in the strive for equality so far. Having been to the Norwich pride before two years previous I can safely say that the numbers of people attending the celebration have near on multiplied quite rapidly.

The photo that I have added above shows just how many people attended the march and how brightly coloured the march was, I can’t quite describe in words how proud I was to be Gay on that march and to think about how many people throughout the years got hurt and not once did that happen. How amazing….

Also on Saturday I celebrated my mums birthday by organising a Birthday party for her and many of our friends came along and did food and we just sat and laughed most of the evening, what a brilliant way to round off a brilliant fun filled day.

Monday I went over to stay with one of my best friends mainly to investigate the area to see how nice it actually is and safe to say I loved every single minute of it, we went on walks, laughed and honestly can’t say I walked so much or laughed as much as I did those two days.

This is me Signing off for this week
This weeks Quote
This photo was taken on one of our walks

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