Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkeness

Hi all,

Ok first of all I apologise for this blog piece being exceptionally late, however I do have some brilliant stories to tell about my weekend in Brighton on the first weekend in August. 

So on the Saturday I was waiting for my friend to arrive who was going to be joining me down in Brighton for the busiest weekend going, I was going to be driving so as soon as he arrived we set off to go and get some breakfast with the rest of our friends in the co-op. Then after breakfast we set off straight for Brighton, specifically the hotel that we had booked because we wanted time to relax there before we either caught the bus or got a taxi down into Brighton. The drive went without even the smallest hitch and then we arrived at the hotel…

When we fist arrived it looked quite old fashioned from the out side and there was an old desolate petrol station next door to it, however I thought that it may have been one of those places that was old on the exterior and modernised on the interior. Quite rapidly we realised that this wasn’t the case, because when we stepped inside there were antique beams on the ceiling and it looked a little bit of a shack, but we had to stay somewhere. I found the reception desk and started checking us into our room and while I was at the desk I asked about the different ways of getting down into Brighton itself, she said that there was either buses 28 or 29 which ran every 10 minutes, or there was a taxi. We decided to catch the bus, so off we went up to our room and put our hand luggage down and look round the room  to see what it was like. 

There were two beds in the room, no windows open so it was like a sauna so I found a fan that wasn’t plugged in and put it on the little bedside table between both of the beds, my friend found a plug and plugged it in and the fan itself turned but the blades didn’t. So before we left the hotel to catch either bus 28 or 29 we left the two windows open in our room to let some air in for when we came back. After we had done that we went out of the front of the hotel to try and catch a bus down to Brighton, when we got down to the front of the hotel, there didn’t appear to be a bus stop, so we went back to the reception desk to ask where the bus picked us up from. She said that if you stand in the slip lane and wave if you see either bus 28 or 29 it will pull over and pick you up and take you straight into Brighton, so we stood in the slip lane, waved and landed safely in Brighton. 

The parade was brilliant and the floats were so extravagantly decorated it was fantastic to watch and get caught up in the atmosphere of it all. After we watched the parade we headed down to the park that we had got tickets for and that’s when the mayhem started, as we walked down towards the park, there were house parties going on at every house and glass bottles being thrown. Then on the entrance to the pale someone actually got arrested for bottling someone, ambulances were being called right, left and centre. However once we got into the park the atmosphere was lovely and the security was back on form, we wondered round the countless stalls, sat down and had a drink then we wondered about getting back…

When it came to getting back, we walked down to where the bus originally dropped us off and then we sat and waited, no bus in sight so we walked on a little bit further, until my friend shouted and said “there’s bus 28” so we ran to try and catch up with the bus to see where it was going to stop. Although the bus didn’t stop it just carries on straight out of Brighton, on our travels we encountered two women stood at the bus stop who had been waiting there for about two hours and they still hadn’t caught a bus. Then we went back to a bus stop and bus 29 for lewes pulls up and we quickly jump on the bus and get back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel we were starving, so we ordered a three course meal each, which was brilliant and even through the hotel was shabby we loved going back to the hotel, because we were more relieved than anything. When the meal arrived everything was cooked to perfection, we headed up to the room and then came back downstairs and headed outside to take pictures under the light of the moon. 

After that we headed up to bed sat relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee, whilst we were doing that we heard that there had been a bomb that delayed the parade for 90 minutes as well as forced the parade to be re routed through town instead of along the beach, because the bomb was on the beach. So we just sat in shock drinking coffee and then tried to get to sleep on the lumpy beds that the hotel had provided, that and the fact that the room was like a sauna prevented us from getting to sleep that early. 

When we woke up the next morning we busied ourselves getting our bags ready and having breakfast so that we were ready to set off straight away after breakfast because we had both decided that we weren’t staying there a moment longer. We then set off and came straight home. 

This was by far the longest drive that I have ever done and I couldn’t have done it by myself so I am so pleased that I had my friend there to accompany me through, not just the drive but everything that happened that weekend because we turned every bad situation into a situation we could laugh at. 

Again sorry this is late 

Jem stone

Signing off

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