LGBT Rights

Hi all,

Sorry that it has been so long coming this blog, I have been meaning to write it for a very long time. I have had so much happen just lately some good and some bad that I just wanted to write a blog again just this once not about me but something that I find truly appalling that is happening in this country, I would have never thought it possible especially now Gay marriage has come in to the UK.

It is thanks to Reggie Yates that I am doing this post on how lives can be affected through different religions and different peoples beliefs, I watched part of Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK (BBC 3) in the UK all about how young black and Asian gays and Transsexuals meet hostility from their own communities. There was one man on there in his 20’s and had just come out the year before. He had told Reggie that he had heard stories of where Asian families used to have their children exorcised because they believed them to be possessed by the devil if they turned out to be gay or Transsexual.

Also Reggie talked to another man on there that thought that being a typical Muslim man believes that being homosexual is an urge that can be controlled similar to when a straight man sees an attractive girl that he fancies walking towards him. Also Reggie talked to a pastor that thought that you can’t be a gay Muslim, because you should follow your religion and if you can’t follow that one simple rule then you aren’t part of the religion anymore. Then he discovered that parents actually blame themselves a lot of the time for how their children turn out.

Anyway so I was sat watching all this play out on my TV screen and I remember thinking how can this still be happening between different religions, this sort of hostility isn’t necessary anymore because people should be able to be how they want to be and that should be the end of it. Because there is simply no need to be any other way about it. I have had and will always have the opinion that people should get to know different Gay people if they are not sure of them, because they aren’t aliens and they love a good laugh. I know not all gay people are good, but some straight people aren’t either, so next time you are feeling down, just look around and be grateful for having the family and friends that you have got around you. Because there are still a lot of people in the UK that haven’t got the love and support that they need.

Well that’s me done if you have any questions please use the comments box and I will post a link up to the video that I watched. 
Thanks for reading 
signing off 
Jem Stone     

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