Movie Review – Pride 2014

Hi all,

So this time round, I thought I would write a Review on a film that really stood out to me and members of my family when they also watched the film with me at the cinema.

As part of the LGBT community myself, I had to go and see this film and it didn’t let me down, it showed how the LGBT community helped the Miners during the Miners strike, this film truly shows how the LGBT Community does stand together in order to combat the different challenges that are thrown their way.

A film with truly brilliant comedy and fills the room with Pride, this is also a true story that people need to know in order to be able to recognise the fight that took place so that then everyone could win equality for each of their own communities. This is a perfect film for the whole family to see and perfect for children to watch for their history lessons at school, because many  adults didn’t know that this many people got involved with the Miners Strike.

In order to conclude this review it is only right that I include a link to the trailer for the film and a link where you will be able to get the DVD from as well.

You can buy the DVD here :

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