Over Coming Bullying


Hi all,

So tonight I thought that I would do a different post for you all, a post that I think most people can relate to, and that is of course Bullying which especially these days can take many different shapes and forms on account of the different pieces of technology that are around.

For those of you who don’t know I was bullied really badly in the past, pushed into school lockers at my local secondary school and then someone once threatened to kick my head in as well. This used to make me not want to go to school and I very often used to have panic attacks before I even went into school and the bullying started, I was always seen as a loner in school and therefore was apart from everyone else except from my two best friends that used to stick with me whenever they could to make sure I was ok.

However, whilst all this was going on I had different ways of coping with the bullying that I was going through, and that was very often either dancing in my room with the volume of the music turned up really loud, to the point where mum used to complain about it. The other way that I used to cope was to immerse myself in the drama classes that I attended at the school, because in that room I could be anyone that I wanted to be, and the drama teacher used to encourage me to use my personality more by encouraging me to direct the rest of the group by getting them to do different still images together and also hot seating as well. Everything like that I loved and with time, I developed my personality even further and got the group to do exactly what I had in mind.

I also had some really brilliant friends and family around me at the time and they used to help me cope by just being there for me and by occasionally providing me with a shoulder to cry on should I ever need it. Though sometimes it was difficult for me to even let my guard down with my friends, because sometimes I didn’t want them to see my vulnerable side, so I would keep it hidden away deep inside, but even then they knew something was wrong.

If you have been affected by bullying and you have got different coping mechanisms, maybe you could share those in the comments? in order to help other people who are going through the same thing as you.

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