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So today I thought I would do something a little different to what I’ve ever done before and that would be to talk about feelings. Feelings can be interpreted in many different ways, for instance when you are in a relationship, your feelings should be heard and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of voicing your true feelings to your partner if that is how you feel. If you find that you can’t voice your feelings to your partner whilst within a relationship, then take it from someone who knows you need to get out of that particular relationship before it is too late and you end up being miserable. 

Feelings are also really important to your friends and family, because they love and care for you and if there is something wrong, then very often they like to know about it so that then they too can help you or try to offer you help, in order so that they know how best to help the situation that you are in. An example of this is that in the past I haven’t told friends things that they need to know and this in turn has caused a breakdown of the relationship because of me not telling them something important, as a result of this, I have probably gone the other way and started sharing way too much information, but I’d rather that than not enough. 

Another thing is, is that sometimes you have got to be careful with who you trust with your feelings sometimes, because occasionally, you might say the wrong thing to the wrong person and then this is how rumours spread, for example when I was in secondary school, it got around the whole school that I was gay in not even half a day, just because I had told one of the girls from my class the previous night over Facebook messenger. Had I not done that and carried on trusting my two best friends I would have probably been ok, but then that subjected me to bullying and then leading to me becoming depressed because I felt that I couldn’t deal with the way that things were anymore. So it is really important that before you disclose your feelings to someone that you make sure that you can actually trust them first. 

Carrying on from this it is also important that whoever your partner or friends are that you make sure that you can always be yourself around them, because there is nothing worse than saying that you can stick by someone, when actually you can’t because you can’t be yourself around them, this is really important because you don’t what that person or people dragging you away from the people that you have already been around for most of your life, just because of the way that you feel about that particular person or people. 

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