Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazars Revenge

Hi all, I know it’s been a while since I have written to you all, however I would ove to share this quick review with you all, as I absolutely love this film, this film is amazing. So the other week, I took mum to the cinema to see the last Pirates of the Caribbean film, we both like these films as it was one of my dads favourite film series to watch on TV, so it makes us feel closer to him, also the films are a bloody good laugh.

This film is quite dark in places because it opens where the son of William Turner is trying to save his dad from a curse at sea, then he needs something from Captain Jack Sparrow in order to be able to help save his dad, then they go in search of a missing artefact that can free pirates at sea who have had curses cast upon them. So naturally in pure pirates of the Carribean style they all go off together in search of this artefact, there is plenty of humour and action within this film in order to give everyone a proper laugh when the film starts. 

However dark this film maybe, it is still suitable for all the family as the humour from Captain Jack Sparrow dulls down all of the dark bits within the film, I have loved this film so much that I have seen it twice so far and I am eager to see it a third time. It’s been years since I’ve loved a film quite so much, but this film I love. 

I will include a clip of the trailer below this post so that then you too can see what I mean when I say it is a really amazing film. If you have also been to see this film, please don’t hesitate to comment within the box below what you also thought to the film as well.

Click here to watch the trailer

That’s all for now folks  

Jem xx

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