Music Therapy


Hi all,

So this one is a little more random, so I apologise for that, but I felt like I had to do this, and no it’s not a course of treatment that you can sign up for at the Doctor’s (although it probably should be) it’s something that I have used to help me through different stages of my life. That is mainly because music offers a sense of freedom that you don’t get from anything else, apart from reading, but the thing with music is that you can listen to it, whatever you are doing, whereas reading you have to take time out of what you are doing to pick up a book and read the book to get the freedom from life that you long for.

So this started when I was younger and my dad was going through his treatment, every morning I used to turn my music up in my room, as loud as it would go and I used to dance and sing to my new favourite track from either a film, band or artist that I was into at that time. I remember one of my favourite films that I used to play the soundtrack to a lot was Camp Rock, then I used to go from that to Cheryl Cole and then to perhaps McFly, this used to change dependant on how I was feeling at that particular moment or morning.

Now, I wish I could say that my habits have changed but really they haven’t, particularly when I came out I was listening to a lot of Gay artists from, Joe McElderry to Union J and I have not developed that to become huge fans of both, because even though the whole band of Union J aren’t Gay, I support the lead singer of Union J ‘Jaymi Hensley’ and he is Gay and has got all the Sass to go with it, he is a big inspiration to anyone that is Gay or are struggling to come out as Gay.

So basically whenever I am struggling with a life event that is difficult for me to deal with, I turn up the music as loud as it will go and I just dance and sing as loud as I can, to just get rid of the anxiety that clouds me at that particular time so when I struggle music is the thing that I turn to, when I am on my own and not surrounded by my friends.

So this is my way of coping, what’s yours? I would love to hear in the comments below.

That’s all from me for now.



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