My Role Models

Hi all,

We all have those friends that we keep close to us and the celebrities that we watch on TV, but how many of those people do you class as Role Models when they probably should be, perhaps you admire them for something or perhaps you look up to them, well any of those things mean that they are your Role Model for one reason or another, which means that they are a type of person who you aspire to be.

I myself have got many Role Models for many different reasons, one, of course being my Mum after my Dad passed she had to be both a Mum and a Dad to me and she is fantastic at both, I don’t know where I would be without her now, to be honest.

Another set of Role Models really (although I wouldn’t tell them this) would be my four friends, the people that I turn to when I need them, things have happened in the past which caused us to separate for a while, but now we are all back together and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. Even though sometimes they do get on my nerves, they are like family whenever I need advice and sometimes advice that I need to listen to, although I’m not particularly keen on listening to and I could do with taking more notice of them and the advice they give.

Then there’s my two Aunties, who I love dearly one is a computer geek (or so she thinks) then the other Aunt works for different airlines organising flights for different businesses to different parts of the world. Both of my aunties inspire me greatly because they a both strong and independent women having both been through numerous things in their lives, although I admire them both for this and still carrying on the way that they both are today.

The long and short of the story is that everyone has got Role Models and you don’t even have to be close to the person for them to be considered a Role Model to you. Yes, the Role Models that I have described are family to me, but you can have different celebrity Role Models as well and these are just celebrities that you look up to for maybe just having the same beliefs and outlooks on life as you.





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