Family Days

Hi All,

You may ask throughout your life whilst you move along throughout the years of why is family so important? You may also take certain family members for granted without even realising it.

It is one of the best times for me when I have family down to stay over because me, Mum and them always have a laugh, it doesn’t have to be anything particularly stupid either that we are doing that makes us laugh, a lot of the time it’s just us together doing things that make us laugh, like one of my Aunts cutting a tree into thirds (wine did fuel this) so that mum can fit it into the gardening recycling bin outside.

The Family unit means a lot, for example when I was going through a court case after having been abused myself, it was my Aunty that came along and supported me whilst that was going on so that I always had someone there to support me when things got tough and when the court case got emotional. The point here is that family will always be there when times get hard, both to comfort and protect their other family members from harm.

However, all of this isn’t to mean that some family members can be difficult, I think we all know that some people can be difficult even when they are family. Some family members don’t have to accept other family members and this can be down to both sexuality and race of the other family members as well.

Over the years I have come to realise that Family or the idea of Family means a lot, because life is so short and particularly when a family member becomes just that bit older, I start to become scared just in case that day comes when I don’t get to see them again sooner than expected, because sometimes it does and then you look back on the times spent with them and start to realise just how much that time that you spent with them meant at the time.



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