Meeting one of my Idols!!


So the other day, I had one of the best days ever! I went to a book signing in Sheffield Waterstones to see Carrie Hope Fletcher and get her latest book ‘All That She Can See’ signed by her.

I can honestly say that I have never met someone so humble and pleasant to talk to she was lovely, and to top it all off some of my friends have bought me and my mum tickets to go and see her on tour in the Addams Family in Milton Keynes. Safe to say that I WILL be blogging along on that day so that I will hopefully be able to include photos and share them with you about my day!

I set off for Sheffield at 7:45 on Sunday! And arrived there at 10 and started queuing with the other ‘Hopefuls’ and the rest of the people in the queue were so nice!! I couldn’t believe it there were people offering the use of Umbrellas when it started to rain and people starting conversations with each other right left and centre, it was such a lovely atmosphere and something that I will definitely be doing again sometime soon!

I will include a gallery of photos from the day below this blog post because I am eager to share all of my photos that were taken on the day with my readers! I absolutely love opportunities like these because they don’t come along very often, so when I do get to do something like this I jump at the chance!


As you can see I had a really good day!

More posts to follow real soon!



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