Love Yourself..No Matter What

Hi All,

I thought I would do this post because this is about something that has been griping on at me for a while now and a few people have mentioned it in the past.. WEIGHT!

In my mind, we are all ok as we are as long as we are healthy and we look after ourselves, what exactly is the problem with that? Well where do I start, first of all when I was younger, I was recovering from being abused as a child and I used to get bad stomach pains from where he used to grab and squeeze my stomach until it hurt, so I followed logic and went to the doctors, after a few months of going to the hospital I went to see this doctor and she told me that I was overweight and this could be contributing to some of the pain that I was getting at the time. Now there normally wouldn’t be anything wrong with what the Doctor said, apart from she was a larger than me lady, so in my head,  I was thinking, What right have you got to tell me that I am overweight and if I’m in this much pain and it’s down to weight why aren’t you in pain? Yes, it’s blunt, I know but it did make me wonder at the time.

But again as I said before as long as we are healthy whats the problem? However, the problem seems to be that there are so many celebrities that ordinary girls, women, boys and men aspire to be like. This doesn’t normally cause a problem, except when the celebrities are stick thin, it makes different members of the viewing public feel insecure about their own weight. Then people turn to emergency weight loss measures instead of a good healthy diet and a gym routine whether they do that at home or in the gym is up to them, but at least they would be losing weight healthily instead of taking pills to drain the fat out of whatever they have consumed that day before taking the dreaded pills.

The emergency weight loss pills seem ok at first, however one of my friends tried some of these pills and he wouldn’t be able to eat what he normally would eat, without going to the loo for about 30 minutes afterwards. Thus even now he still struggles with his stomach and being able to eat what he wants to eat, all because of the pills that he was taking to help him lose weight. This is NOT the healthy way to lose weight!

I’m not saying that I’m perfect in all this either, sometimes I look in the mirror and I think to myself, What if my thighs were thinner? What if I hadn’t still got Acne spots? Sometimes I really hate my body, but other times I sit back and think how lucky I am to be here and then I don’t really care what my body looks like. Eventually, I learn to love myself the way I am, although a lot of my body negativity comes from when I was abused and I used to stand in front of a mirror in a clothes shop and he used to tell me how gorgeous I was, and that made me feel dirty and horrible, but now I don’t get those moments as often because now I just dress for me and I dress in whatever I feel like wearing on that particular day, NOT what someone else whats me to wear!

So the idea of this post is to make you realise that you should love yourself the way that you are! If you really must lose weight either for health or personal reasons, please make sure that it is the healthy way that you are going to lose weight and if in doubt talk it through with your GP.

Ok, I know this post is a little long-winded but I hope you found it useful!



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