It’s Your Life

Hi all,

This is following on from my last posts really of how important it is to live your own life, because no one else can dictate to you what you do or how you choose to live, that is your decision and always will be no matter how hard it may seem.

I have never written about this before or even given full details on what happened, but now it feels like this is the right time. When I was about 13 years old, Dad had gone into care, me and Mum had got friendlier with our next door neighbours, a husband and wife couple in their 70’s they seemed fine, but Dad never did like them (if only we had listened). Anyway we had gone round their for tea one night and he came up to me and backed me in the corner of their kitchen and kissed me, I had never felt more shaken up EVER, so I went back home with mum after tea and had about 3 showers that night. I felt horrible and dirty, no one had ever done that to me before.

I never trusted him after that, I told my two best friends at school, because I needed someone to talk to about what he was doing to me, the school then informed the police. The whole case went on about 18 months, and he is still wondering around scot-free even now, it feels like the moment I start to get stronger, he appears again and drags me right back to what he did. It almost feels like sometimes my life is still controlled by him, when deep down I know it isn’t.

This is why I am doing this post because I want people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you have previously been abused, because I have come a long way since then, I have been to college and graduated from a foundation degree course, and now I am moving on to University to do my Bsc Honours in Computing and IT. I really can’t wait!

So I ask if any of you need someone to talk to, then please take advantage of using this page in order to be able to support each other!

Any comments that are in any way distasteful will be removed!




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