IOS 11 My Experiences

Hi All,

As you all should know by now, I’m an Apple geek as well as a technology freak! So as you can all imagine when the new IOS was released I was extremely excited as I couldn’t wait to get a new look to my phone.

However, when it was first released, I thought that it was extremely buggy, it kept freezing and then not recovering from that as quickly as I would have liked, to the point where I actually looked into downgrading from IOS 11 back to IOS 10 again. I have NEVER felt this way about a new software release before, so it was quite a big deal for me to be feeling like this.

Although my feelings changed quite a bit when the next software release was announced a day later being IOS 11.1 and this erased all of the bugs for me and made the phone altogether more functional again. I would have to say

I would have to say my favourite feature of the IOS 11 software release would have to be the one-handed keyboard because my hands are quite small and I struggle to type one-handed on my phone’s keyboard so for me that was a complete game changer. I also like the new notifications panel that groups all of the notifications into earlier and later in the day, it’s very useful for a blogger like me who constantly gets notifications in the day of new views and comments etc, because it keeps me up to date with what you guys are saying about the different posts that I make.

I would love to hear your favourite features and comments on IOS 11 if you would leave a comment below then that would be lovely and at some point, I may reply to them on a live stream or something, let me know what you think.



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