Supporting Sport Relief


Hi all,

Hope you are all ok? So I just thought I would do this blog post today as it’s Sport Relief and I just wanted to make you realise just how lucky we are, in this country to be able to do the things that we want to do, that is largely because of our Government and our NHS System.

Countries like Tanzania and places that don’t have NHS Systems and aren’t as technologically as advanced as us, don’t receive the same treatment sadly.

The water sources aren’t filtered to stop all of the harmful bacteria within the water getting into people’s systems by means of hydration.

Also expectant mums aren’t receiving the care that they need either in order to be able to give birth to a child and feel comfortable raising said children.

No one deserves this in the 21st century no matter where they live.

Furthermore in the UK it is said that one in four people will suffer with mental health problems with a year. With your help Sports Relief can help to fund different projects which will help to get people the medical attention that they deserve.

As you can see this charity does exceptional work and with your donations they will be able to help even more.



Feel free to donate by clicking here!

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