Hi Peeps,

As promised at least one blog each week! And for once so far I am keeping up haha. I just wanted this post to be about family and how much family means to different people, it might be family you choose or it might be the family that you are born into, but what matters is that you each have some for of support around you.

Those of you who know me know that someone very dear to me passed away when I was 14, that someone was my Dad, he had been very ill prior to that. But, since then Mum has been more than a Mum to me she has also been my Dad as well, it is her birthday today as well!!

So the extent of my biological family is my Mum and my Aunt who I love dearly, they are there for me whenever I need them to be. In addition to my Mum and Aunt, I also have what I like to call my adopted family, they have been there for my ever since I came out to my Mum, they are there for me no matter what and I am of the firm belief that when you come out, you have the support of your family around you, but you have the additional support of the friends that you meet along the way. That is exactly what happened to me then before long the friends that you met, turn into your family.

Then no matter what you choose to do with your career, no matter where you move to, your lives still remain connected, one way or another!

So before I sign this post off, I just want to say; Happy Birthday Mum, Hope you have a Great day!!


Lots Of Love To All



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  1. Mum says:

    What a beautiful way to put it. We have blood family and that’s only a small number of us now. In addition we have close friends who we consider family. Without them I really don’t know , or want to consider what life would be like. So grateful for our extended familyxx

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