A Wicked Day in London!

Hi all,

So I decided to take Mum to London to go and see one of my favourite West End Shows: Wicked The Musical!

I have been to see the show many times before, so off we went to Peterborough station and caught the train, just in time for the matinée performance that day, WOW!! It was magical, I had forgotten the feeling that the show gave me, I am still singing all of the songs in my head now as I write this!

One of the main reasons that I love this show, in particular, is that the show celebrates difference and anyone can be anything that they want to be if they truly put their minds to it, I just find it so inspiring and it captures you from the minute you sit down and look at the stage.

Mum absolutely loved it too, I have made sure that she has listened to the soundtrack right from the year that I first saw it when it originally opened in London’s West End in 2006, she got in to the soundtrack and then of course it was only right that she saw the show after listening to the soundtrack for so many years.

Throughout both my two schools I saw Wicked and as I was always the outsider in school, the character of Elphaba has always reminded me of myself, because every now and again someone would show up and want to change me and my looks into someone I know I’m not and I’m still not to this day.

So just be who you are and who you want to be and just remember no one can change you!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, go and book you won’t regret it, hands down best West End Show I’ve had the pleasure of seeing!

Love Always




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  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    I first saw Wicked in 2006 on Broadway. Little did I know the huge impact it would have on my life. I was with my mom and “Popular” was my favorite song. That was all I remember from my first time.

    My other three times were on tour in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. My 2nd time, the show was even better. My 3rd time (2013), the show was better than the 2nd. The 4th time (2016), the show was better than the 3rd. The show continues to get better each and every single time.

    My favorite characters in Wicked are Elphaba, Glinda and Fiyero, but the characters that speaks to me the most Elphaba. Not only is Elphaba my favorite character from Wicked, but my all-time favorite musical character. I just love how this musical’s core story is found in the friendship found between Elphaba and Glinda- that friendship is so beautiful and special. The love triangle found between the girls and Fiyero adds a fascinating texture to the musical. It is those two storylines that I lose myself in each time I see the show. The rest of Wicked I keep on overlooking.

    I see a lot of myself in Elphaba, but at the same time there are parts of Elphaba that I don’t relate to. Wicked sparked my love for musicals. This musical is where I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. As the show says, I have “been changed for the better” because of Wicked.

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    1. jem5702 says:

      I am the same, the show is absolutely amazing, there seems to be so many little stories within one big musical!!


      1. mphtheatregirl says:

        I spend so much time with just two storylines that I ignore the rest. I am only emotionally connected to Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda. That is a huge reason why I mainly pay attention to just the friendship and the love triangle

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