Anti-Bullying Week

Hi all,

This week is a rather unusual week as this week it is the Anti-Bullying week in November, this week is the one additional week in the year, where people raise awareness to the bullying that is going on, not just in schools but in different workplaces too!

To do my part for the Anti-Bullying week, I am going to be posting not just once this week, but every day this week up until the 17th of November, so this is today’s post and then they’ll be one every day up to and including Friday. The blog posts will include inspirational quotes that I myself relate to from different places such as books that I used to read and some that I still do read, there will also be quotes from some West End shows or Broadway Shows as well, to add something different into the mix.


I am particularly passionate about doing this as I was bullied at both of the schools that I attended and I feel now particularly keen on helping people get through bullying so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that eventually, things will get better.

It is important that we realise what damage bullying can do to a person, not just physically but mentally as well, that is why it is important to raise awareness and make sure that you do support anti-bullying week as much as you can.

Please join me in support of this years Anti-Bullying Week! To further support the Anti-Bullying week, you could donate by clicking the logo of the Anti-Bullying Alliance who organise this wonderful week below!

Anti Bullying Alliance_logo_RGB copy

Love Always




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