What Can We Do To Prevent Bullying?

Hi all,

Welcome to the second post of Anti-Bullying Week, where I am looking at how you can prevent Bullying!

Bullying can take place in many forms, the three main forms of bullying are Cyber, Physical and verbal. All three can be just as damaging to a person, but there are things that can be done about it, to hopefully stop it from happening, Cyberbullying is mainly online or through text, the most important thing to do in this circumstance is to make sure that all of the messages are kept, because otherwise, this can be extremely difficult to prove, if there aren’t any messages saved, this can very often prove to cyberbully is going on very difficult if not, impossible.

The next one is physical bullying, this can more often than not be very vicious, this can be pushing someone, hitting them or even kicking them, this again can more often than not be one person’s word against another’s. Taken from my own experience if you are being bullied whether it is occurring either at school or in the workplace, is always make sure that you have witnesses around you or someone that you trust to speak up for you if needed. Either that or make sure that you are near CCTV cameras, so that then if something does happen, it is going to be caught on camera, therefore it won’t always be your word against someone else’s.

Last but not least, there’s verbal, verbal without a doubt is the most difficult to prove, but again make sure that there are people around you who can speak up for you if needed and who will report it.

If you see Bullying in any way shape or form and you think it is harmful to the person that it is aimed at, there are steps that need to be followed;

  1. SPEAK – If you see bullying the first step is to speak to the person affected
  2. SAVE– Save all the hurtful messages and take screenshots if you prefer
  3. REPORT – If you see physical violence of any kind, this needs to be reported straight away! Do not wait and let it escalate into anything more!


As you can see this is the second post on Anti-Bullying Week, as always if you have any comments please leave them in the comments box below, please do this if you have anything to add, particularly if you want to add your own experiences, so that people can see that they really aren’t alone!

Don’t forget you can support the Anti-Bullying Alliance by clicking their logo at the bottom of this post to be taken directly to their fundraising page!

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Love Always



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