Technology… is it always good?

Hi All,

So as part of the Anti-Bullying week this week, organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, they are doing a Cyber Bullying day to bring awareness to the bullying that goes on without anyone sometimes noticing.

Cyberbullying is now among one of the most prominent forms of bullying because it can go unnoticed by people, apart from the victim who the bullying is directed at but why is cyberbullying so prominent these days? Largely because of the growth of people using social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more and more people are susceptible to this type of bullying, it doesn’t stop when you get home from school or when you leave the workplace at night. Cyberbullying carries on and that is why it is so important to say when you are being bullied online and you take the right actions in order to prevent yourself from being bullied online.

One thing that I will say on the matter is that you need to stand your ground, if you are being bullied or are at threat of being bullied by someone either online or by text, you need to make sure that it is only people who you trust that have got access to those sites where you publish photo’s to keep in touch with your friends or you post what you have most recently been up to, because then people who you don’t trust completely won’t be able to direct message you or leave comments that could cause you to feel distressed. Whatever you do, do not take your social media accounts down, because all that will do is make you feel trapped and they will feel like they have won against you, so stand your ground.

Furthermore, if you do get any nasty text messages or comments screenshot them and if needed report to the police before it gets serious and someone stands a chance of getting seriously hurt or injured. Also make sure you tell someone what is going on who you trust because having someone to turn to will make you feel betting in the long run, if it’s not just you fighting your corner.

If you have got anything that you would like to add-on the matter, please post in the comments below!

Also, if you can please donate to the wonderful Anti-Bullying Alliance who organise this brilliant week every year to raise awareness of bullying and the damage it can cause. To donate just click their logo and you will be directed straight to their fundraising page.

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Love Always



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