My Experiences

Hi All,

To put an end to this Anti-Bullying Week, I thought I would talk to you about some of the experiences I had with Bullying in the school where I grew up, this contributes to the reason why I want to be a teacher eventually at one point or another in my life to help the children who are being bullied within a school, to let them have a voice and to speak up against what they want to speak up against and to give them chances I never got given to me.

So here goes, all the way through the first year of secondary school, I felt like an outsider. I wasn’t very good at PE and unfortunately for me, my form tutor was my PE teacher as well, she seemed to take an instant dislike to me, when I didn’t do something very well she would pick on me in front of the rest of the class. None of the other girls wanted to get changed anywhere near me in the changing rooms because I had bad acne, so they stayed away from me as if I had an infectious disease. Then I had my hair done differently and someone came up to me and said that it looked like a Toilet brush. My first year at secondary school was fun, not one of the teachers helped me at all, apart from my head of house removed me from my original form class and put me in another one away from the dreaded PE instructor.

Then the Second year, I was abused by my next-door neighbour who was 72 at the time so I had a court case going on, that went all around the school, then so did the fact that I’m gay as well, in fact, one day I was in my IT class and there was a chair with Gay wrote on the back of it and someone said, we’ve saved you a seat, so I really had no option but to sit on it for the rest of the class.

Those are just a simple few of my experiences that I have to draw on, I am lucky that through that I had two friends and one of those that I could always count on and the drama class that I loved because I could be who I wanted to be in that class and no one really cared.

Yes in some ways being bullied makes you stronger, but in others it really doesn’t, the key is finding something that you are good at to keep boosting your confidence at the same time as you are being bullied, so that you have got good things to look forward to throughout all the bad stuff that you have got going on.

This is why the Anti-Bullying Alliance is so important today and they are amazing at raising awareness of bullying and the effects it can have, as well as providing schools with the different materials they need to be able to take part in Anti-Bullying Week. So if you can please click on their logo below this post and donate what you can to such a fantastic cause!

If you have been through or are going through some form of bullying please report it and get it dealt with A.S.A.P! I hope that you have found this week informative.

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I will talk to you next week on Wednesday as normal!

Love Always



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