iPhone X Review

Hi All,

Welcome to this week’s blog, which as you probably guessed is another technology review. Back in June, I got the opportunity to upgrade my longterm Phone contract, I had been using the iPhone 7 for near enough two years, so I figured that it is the right time to upgrade my contract.

Now when I upgraded my previous phone which was the iPhone 6+ I thought that there wouldn’t be much difference for me to go back to a smaller phone, so that’s what I did, and to put no too finer point on it, I hated the smaller screen compared to the 6+, but I stuck with it until I upgraded my contract 5 months ago to the iPhone X and I absolutely love it!

I was a bit dubious about the phone having heard some bad reviews about the Face ID not working as it should particularly in bad lighting, like if it’s too bright or too dark, but I can honestly say that I haven’t had any problems with that at all. In fact quite the opposite, I love the fact that when you look at your phone it automatically unlocks without even having to press any buttons anymore.

Then the camera, especially when you take photos in portrait mode, the photos turn out like when you have professional photos taken in a studio, they look so much clearer than when they used to be taken on an older iPhone like the iPhone 7 for example. My photos have never looked so good!

Now with the option of Memoji with IOS 12 it just adds even more capability to the iPhone with your face on Facetime being able to be animated as you talk to your friends, then you can even send messages with them attached speaking to your friends too.

It just brings me to one question really, can Apple get any better? Comment below with some of your favourite features of your technology lately, not just iPhones and let’s compare! I would love to hear what you want to see in the future.

Love Always




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