Expanding Christmas

Hi All,

So as we are all gearing up to start counting down to Christmas 2018, I thought I would just start-up a debate to see what we all thought about the fact that Christmas seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year and so much more expensive.

For example, it seems to me like all of the fun seems to be taken away from all the other times of the year, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night to make way for more room in the shops come October when they are already starting to put the Christmas Decorations out on the shelves.

Also, I find that it also puts so much more pressure on people to do Christmas shopping earlier each year, because some people think that if they don’t get things soon, then it’s not going to be there by the time December comes round.

Furthermore, sometimes it takes the magic out of Christmas as well for the young children, who want to wake up on Christmas morning and find out that there’s a mountain of presents at the foot of their bed, it makes it as though there’s hardly any build up to Christmas anymore.

Bring back the Christmas spirit!

Please leave your opinions in the comments box below!

Love Always




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