Do You Have A Christmas Tradition?

Hi All,

Welcome to the third Blog Post in the Blogmas Series from now up until Christmas, discussing Christmas traditions, whilst you are reading this post, take a moment and think if you have any Christmas traditions either knowingly or unknowingly. 

For example, me and mum put the tree up on the 1st of December, whilst drinking wine, eating chocolates and watching Christmas Movies on TV. Then on Christmas Day we have a roast of some description and we also have Christmas pudding and brandy sauce for afterwards. 

Do you think Christmas Traditions are dying? This is an interesting question  that people my age often don’t think about old Christmas traditions or the way that things used to be, but some families do still have traditions, whilst others don’t. This really is no big deal, because as long as people are happy at Christmas, that is all that matters isn’t it?

So comment below if you do have any Christmas Traditions and if you think that they still exist. 

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Love Always



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