Things I Love About Christmas

Hi All, 

Welcome to the fourth post in the Blogmas Series, I thought I would talk about something that I don’t very often talk about, which is the things that I love the most about Christmas. 

One of the things that I love the most about Christmas is the fact that you have got your Family around you in different forms, even families that don’t see each other that often contact each other just to say Merry Christmas and ask other family members if they liked their presents or not. 

The next thing that I love about Christmas is the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me, it’s the one celebration that is shared with everyone around you and you should treasure that, and never take anything for granted at Christmas, because it’s not the season to be doing that. 

Thirdly it’s the season of giving, so it’s nice to see people performing good deeds for other people, even if they don’t know them that well, it’s still nice to see because it is the season of goodwill, so if you see someone struggling just take a moment to help them. 

Then lastly it’s snuggling up in my favourite chair in the living room, with a hot chocolate, with or without marshmallows watching a Christmas movie with my Mum and my Dog. 

What do you love about Christmas? Post in the comments below and I will reply to most of them. 

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Lots of Love Always



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