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Hi All, 

I hope that you are enjoying reading this series as much as I am blogging it, I decided to set myself a challenge and boy have I done that! 

Today I thought it would be a good idea to do a Christmas blogger tag for you, so that then you find a little bit more about me. Why don’t you copy the questions and write your own in the comments? 

  1. Favourite diffuser scent? 

As some of you may know that have read my previous posts, that often when I study I have a diffuser going in the same room to help me relax, so for this question I actually have two favourite scents and they are peppermint and Lavender. 

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

During the Christmas period, I am often found drinking a Hot Chocolate with cream and Marshmallows on. This is as a rule the only time that I do this. As a Christmas treat to myself.

3. Whats the best pre-Christmas memory you have?

Me and one of my best friends walking around London and looking at the Christmas lights and having a laugh, mainly getting lost around London.

4. Favourite Christmas Present

My favourite Christmas present has to be, getting my first laptop from my mum and Dad, because that made me realise that, that was what I wanted to do as a job one day.

5. Favourite Festive Food

My favourite festive food has to be, the Lindt Lindor Chocolates and Doritos with the dips to accompany them. Those are basically things that I only eat at Christmas. 

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Love Always



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