Be Thankful

Hi All, 

How are you all enjoying the Blogmas series so far? Just a quick post for today, just so that you all remember that there are still people who at Christmas aren’t as fortunate as some who get presents and are around family members. 

Christmas isn’t all about the presents that people give us, it’s about being close to people that we love. At Christmas I have always been fortunate to be around Mum and Dad when he was with us, but the first Christmas and every Christmas after without him has been hard, it really brings it home when you experience loss, just how difficult Christmas can be. 

Also some people haven’t even got family around them, so it is important that we support everyone this Christmas, if you see someone suffering it doesn’t take a minute just to give them some company, maybe some support would be exactly what they need. 

This brings me on to the Blog Awards 2018, it is free to vote and if you click on the picture below it will take you to the categories page. This blog has been nominated in two categories, Digital and Technologies page 2 and Lifestyle page 35. It is also free to vote!!

This picture is the link to the UK Blog Awards 2018 voting categories.
Click the Picture above to vote!

Lots of Love Always



P.S If you or someone you know is struggling this festive season, my inbox is always open 🙂 

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