Magical Movie Review

Hi All,

This post has been a long time coming, mainly because at the time that this movie was released, I was so busy getting wrapped up in all the different events going on that I completely forgot to blog about it.

So here goes, in November 2018 I got to go and see the Crimes of Grindelwald in my local cinema with one of my best friends and of course my mum, and oh my word, what a movie it is! I love it, I could’ve stayed in the Cinema to watch it again and again. Without giving away too many spoilers, the movie carried on from where the first Fantastic Beasts movie left off, almost reintroducing Grindelwald to the audiences again.

The movie drew the audience in right from the off point, making sure that the audience were glued to their seats the whole way through. The special effects were out of this world, the magical world definitely hasn’t lost its spark or its magic.

I can’t leave this blog post here without saying how wonderful it is that J.K Rowling has passed her writing and her stories down to another generations, so that then children now will know the excitement that their parents got to experience when the new books and movies hit the shelves and the cinemas.

I can only thank the Wizarding World and J.K Rowling for the brilliant childhood that I had growing up, because I experienced most of my childhood with my head in a book reading one of her latest works of literature.

So if you’re a Harry Potter fan and you aren’t sure about seeing the new Fantastic Beasts Movies, give them a chance, they really are as fantastic as their title suggests.

Lot’s of Love Always



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