How to get Motivated in January

Hi All,

I thought I would share something that I have problems with and that is getting motivated after the festive period, although I have found different ways to get through this it still remains a pretty big challenge especially after the Christmas break. Below are some ideas that I have come up with in order to get my motivation back after Christmas.

One of the ideas that I have come up with is to explain why you want to do something to yourself, this should remind you why you wanted to do something in the first place and if that why is strong enough, it should be able to motivate you to get started again.

The next idea is make sure that whatever it is that you are doing, make sure that you are doing it for you and you aren’t doing it for someone else make sure that you are in control of you.

Also make sure that you are in the right mindset and that you have actually had a break over the holiday period, I actually did this last year because I made sure that I turned off any technological work that I had to do to make sure that I had no option but to relax and just enjoy the holiday season.

Another good idea might be to write down goals for the year and what you want to accomplish at the end of the year, this will help keep you focussed on achieving your goals through out the year and make sure that you actually have something to work towards.

Remember if you have enjoyed reading this blog, make sure that you share it on social media and get your friends to read it as well. Also if you have any other ideas to add, please do add them in the comments box below!!

I will see you next week with another post!

Lots of Love Always



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