Valentines Day

Hi All,

First of all Happy Valentines day to all you lovely readers, whatever your relationship status everyone should enjoy Valentines Day.

If you are single (like me), why not spend Valentines Day with your family, or maybe have a day to yourself, maybe have a pamper day and watch your favourite movie or TV series. Just because you are single, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy Valentines Day like other people do.

People have different perspectives on Valentines Day these days, some people treat it as a big occasion, where they spoil their special someone, whereas others treat it as another normal day, where they go to work as normal and then come back have a glass of wine, then relax in front of the TV, maybe with a face mask on.

However you choose to spend Valentines Day, spend it the way you want to spend it, not the way someone else wants you to spend it.

Let me know how you plan to spend Valentines Day down in the comments and I will reply to a few of them.

Lots of love Always



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