Eve of Man Review

Hi All,

I recently read this book, called “Eve of Man” and WOW! Now I normally prefer Romantic Comedy books to anything horror or Science Fiction, but I have to say, this book has got to be an exception to that rule.

I must admit, the book did start off quite slow, but once all the characters had been introduced, what a wonderful book it became, it was absolutely fantastic, yet unbelievably realistic in places.

The Fletchers have somehow managed to bring technology and isolation to a whole new level in this book, by taking the technological developments from today’s world and amplifying them and modernising them to be very futuristic, that whilst you are reading this book, you start to imagine the current state of the world as it is now and think how close it is to Eve’s world in the Eve of Man.

Also, whilst I was reading this book, I was reminded very distinctly of Philomena and what she went through, all I could picture throughout this book is Philomena and what she went through with people who were meant to look after her during her story, while all the time reading what Eve was going through and drawing just gentle connections between the two people.

Eve of Man Book Cover

All I would ask, down in the comments that if you are going to mention a spoiler from the book, can you please put SPOILER in capital letters before you do, just in case someone is reading this that haven’t read the book “Eve of Man” yet and they are probably reading it at the moment.

Have you read any books lately that you can recommend? If so leave all recommendations in the comments box below, I am always on the lookout for new reading material. Also please feel free to follow me on Good Reads, where you will be able to see what I have read previously and what I am currently reading.

Love Always



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