My Story of Eating Differently

Hi All,

This week I thought I would do a little bit of a story time Blog, in this blog I am going to explain a little about eating a gluten free diet and how it’s made me feel 100% better from how I was feeling.

So the long and short of the story is that I am Gluten Intolerant and have been it would seem for quite a while, until I printed a list of the symptoms off of the internet and showed it to my local GP surgery and said to them that all of the symptoms on that list match up with the symptoms that I have had for the past few years.

Now I have been struggling with the lack of Gluten Free items, not just in restaurants and Cafes, but also in local attractions and supermarkets. This in my opinion is ridiculous, this is more or less saying that people that don’t have an intolerance of some kind can eat normally, whilst others that have an intolerance have to pay the exorbitant prices .

This really needs to change, because eating a compulsory diet due to health reasons is different to eating a diet just to lose weight, when in actual fact if people who aren’t gluten intolerant and just want to lose weight, they may indeed find it harder to lose weight on a gluten free diet because of the amount of ingredients and the increased sugar in some gluten free foods.

If you are on a gluten free diet, let me know how you find it, it would be interesting to get other peoples thoughts and feelings on some of the issues that I have mentioned above.

Lots of Love Always



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