Social Media and It’s Uses

Hi All,

Well a new week, another blog post! This one is another technology Blog Post on Social Media and it’s now many uses within the 21st Century.

How Harmful is Social Media?

First off I would like to start off by telling you all about an interesting conversation that I had the other week with one of my friends, who said that social media is hurtful and abusive and shouldn’t be used, so I thought I would start off by discussing this point with you. From my point of view and the way that I view social media, is that people need a release, somewhere where they can voice the opinions that they don’t normally get to voice, there’s nothing wrong with doing this at all, however there is something wrong in the fact that people continue to use social media with the intent of harming other people. This is wrong in every way shape or form, this in my view shouldn’t be tolerated at all, but very few regulations are not put in place in order to make sure that this isn’t happening, which doesn’t make sense when you think about it, because there are police on the streets policing the crime that has always happened, although there are very few police making sure that this shouldn’t happen online, which means in my view that they are not ready for the new age of crime.

Ways of dealing with these types of crime have got to be identified, or it’s going to make the internet a very dangerous place to be, both to work and study as well as socialising with friends.

Common uses of Social Media

Many people already use social media in order to work and study, within either office premises or within a school building, this could be to either find information out of their main work could be based around their company website, or they could have been set a task by their boss in order to research something that might have come in useful for a magazine or article that was being written.

Also, now people use the internet for purposes of either being a blogger or social media influencer on Instagram, where people may be working with different companies in order to sell certain pieces of clothes, stationary or even ornanments online, so that then they gain the commission for the sales from the people that they have following them on social media.

So as you can see from my above ramblings that have hopefully made sense, there aren’t a lot of things that can be done offline these days particularly when thinking about jobs and ways to make money. Which means that with more people being online, more should be done to protect people online from everyday abuse which some people face, just by posting an instagram picture up.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have gained insight into just how many people are using the internet these days and what they are using it for. As always feel free to comment in the comments box below, also if you have enjoyed reading this post, please share and like on social media to spead the word!

Lots of Love Always



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