Stress Awareness Month

Hi All,

Seeing as April is Stress Awareness Month here in the UK, I thought it might be appropriate to do a blog post on how technology affects our stress levels on a daily basis. The amount of technology that we now own has increased tenfold and this is because of the smart speakers that are now owned, that help control the many appliances around Britains Homes.

Is technology really linked to stress?

During recent years technology has become part of most peoples lives, from the age of even 2 or 3 these days children can be seen playing with specially designed tablet computers which aren’t too dissimilar from the design of Apple’s iPad. This shows that even from a young age people are being taught how to use computers, this then goes on to ask the question can people become addicted to technology?

The answer to this I believe to be yes, because even though I am studying Computer Science at the moment, I see people all the time even walking in the street texting someone, even though they might be with someone else at the time, they are paying more attention to their phone. Then at work, when you go on a break, what’s the first thing you do? Check your phone, use the bathroom? I am prepared to bet it’s the first option. That being said, say you don’t have enough time to check your phone whilst at work, does that then lead to you feeling anxious because you haven’t checked your phone and you don’t know is someone has sent you a message? However, if you then only asked someone not to message you unless it was really urgent, would you even then feel that pang of guilt that you didn’t check your phone?

Checking phones and social media is rapidly becoming something that people do out of habit more and more, this is only going to get worse the more technology evolves so that it is integrated even more into our everyday lives. During one of Apple’s latest updates to the Iphone, they released a feature called screen time, this feature enables to show what your average screen time for that week waas compared to the last. In addition to this it also shows the amount of time spent on social media and messaging etc. First off when this was released, I was one of those people who took a lot of notice of it, but now I don’t take any notice of it at all to be honest, because I just think that, that is what I use my phone for and the new feature isn’t going to change that, however many times I try and tell myself that it might.

Also another pressure that people have these days is to make sure that if they upload a photo on instagram, they have to check it to make sure that it is istagram worthy and that it will make their grid look even better than it looked before. This whole idea to me seems more stress than it is worth, because surely you want to post on instagram because it is a nice picture that you want to share with your friends? Not because your followers might approve of it, so you had better post it right that very second.

Another reason for technology causing stress is that, you have to be careful and very mindful about what you post online so that you don’t cause anyone any harm or distress from what you post or may post. If you’re anything like me, I have to read through what I post online about four to five times before I post it, this includes Facebook and Twitter statuses as well.

So, taking all this into account do you think that technology causes stress and if so what could you do to reduce stress caused by technology?

Read on below and you will find the answers:

  • Try turning your phone off or don’t make looking at your phone the last thing you do before you go to sleep.
  • Then try reducing the time that you spend on social media as a whole
  • Block people who cause you harm or distress from their messages
  • If you find a comment hurtful that a person as written, block the person or report the comment so that then it gets dealt with by the social media network themselves.

Please tell me your thoughts on this subject below, it would be good to read and reply to a few opinions below to see what everyone else is doing to reduce stress as a whole not just stress caused by technology.

Lots of Love Always



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