WWDC 2019

Hi All,

So let’s, talk tech, so this week as some of you may know is WWDC which is Apples time when it announces the new upcoming software for which is normally September release worldwide. So in this Blog I am going to take the time to round up what is being released this year as part of IOS 13, which is down to be better than the release of IOS 12 which contained major bug fixes.

So lets get into it:

Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 4, the latest Apple Watch on the market.
The new Apple Watch Series 4 released last year(2018)

Coming this fall is an App Store built within your Apple Watch, so that you can download apps from the App Store on your watch directly onto your watch as you are wearing it. So you don’t need to have the same app downloaded onto your phone as you have on your watch!


The latest version of the iPad Pro launched in 2018 with the new edition of the Apple Pencil.
iPad Pro series 2 launched in 2019

The iPad for the first time ever is having it’s own operating system derived from the original IOS software the iPad is going to have all the same great features we as customers know and love, with the addition of the new software pieces of IOS 13 also coming to the iPhone this autumn. This includes showing more apps on the home screen, and multi windows shown on the iPad whilst being able to seamlessly switch between the different apps that you have open at one time. Also you will be able to use the iPad as a second desktop display with the all new sidecar feature coming this autumn, you will be able to see one version of your desktop on your actual desktop display and another on the display of your iPad.


Apples iMac and Macbooks
Apples range of Mac-books and iMacs

The most advanced computer system ever it looks like is being developed by apple, with a computer tower to host the mammoth sized specs that I don’t think anyone has ever come across before.

Then as it that’s not enough apple are launching an update mac mojave that was released last year and the new update looks to be even more promising than its predecessor which looks like you get a more updated version of all the previous apps that are available on the mac app store.


Apples newest iPhones the Xs, XsMax and the Xr
iPhones released in 2018 the iPhone Xs, XsMax and the iPhone Xr

Then we move on to IOS 13 which brings more capability to the iPhone than ever before, with dark mode being added so that you are able to see all your favourite applications with a new darker background and it doesn’t stop there! It is said that along with the new dark mode, apps will launch up to 30x faster than they do at the moment with IOS 12 which was launched last year to combat some of the bugs that reportedly put users security and privacy at risk.

Then coming to imessage and the keyboard is the new quick path feature, which you can use in order to predict what words you are going to use within a sequence based on the words that you would normally use. Then everyone gets a profile picture within your imessage app on your phone and iPad within IOS 13.

Find my friends and find my iPhone are now being grouped together into an app which is called Find My, which even if your device is offline and you can’t find it, all the other iPhones nearby will be able to pick up on the signal and be able to send it to the network and then back to you, enabling you to be able to find the device that you had thought that you’d lost.

So as you will be able to tell no doubt Apple are surpassing themselves again with the content of these developments within the software updates that Apple users claim for free every year.

Jem’s Blog will also do a copy of the conference on the new devices being launched later on in the year, so please stay tuned for that and make sure you are subscribed and following so that you can be notified the moment that goes live.

That’s it for this week, but please remember that you can still donate to the mental health charity Mind by clicking the link here.

Love Always



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  1. Oh man What might I express? Really… really liked the blogThank you so much!


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