Tackling Trolls

Hi All,

This week I thought it would a be a good idea to tackle internet trolls and how they succeed and what they do that is so harmful to so many different people who don’t deserve the hurt and abuse that these people can cause.

What are internet trolls?

First things first, internet trolls are people who set out to do other people harm, either by writing something about someone over social media or by posting pictures that other people may class as abusive towards themselves or someone that they know personally. Internet trolls are basically cyber- bullies that get away with whatever they put online, unless the social media network in question has put something in place to stop people getting away with the comments.

How do Internet trolls succeed in harming people?

You may think reading this that internet trolls can’t harm you because they are one side of the computer, or whatever device that they are using and you are the other side. The truth is that trolls can harm you by constatly putting nasty things about you or the people around you, sometimes if their profile gets delted once, they create multiple accounts just for the soul purpose of hurting people by what they are putting on the internet time after time.

How can Trolls be stopped?

Trolls can be stopped by more and more people reporting them, not only to the social media site, but if it becomes persistent then, to the police as well. The most important thing to remember is print off the details and write down the username of the person doing the trolling and the dates in which it occurred from that particular username as well.

Just please remember to stay safe online and if you have enjoyed this weeks blog post don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Remember as well if you have any other methods of dealing with trolls or any information relating too trolls, feel free to comment them below so that other people can then read on for more information.

Thats it for me this week, although I should be back next week with another blog post for you to enjoy so until then..

Love Always



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