Womens Equality

Hi All,

I thought one of my blog posts should feature Equality for Women since it has struck me by seeing a shocking statistic on Twitter recently that not many Women feature and talk about technology within their social media platforms. Then it occurred to me that this shouldn’t be very shocking at all, because of the challenges that I faced within the different colleges that I attended.

First of all in the first college that I attended I started the first of three college years there being one of three girls out of who knows how many boys doing the same computing course at this particular college in the same year. Both of those other girls left because of how their lecturer treated them, because they were female doing the course, the lecturer used to point at them and say “You” rather than saying their actual names! Then the second year the other girls weren’t there as per normal and I was the only girl, now after the second year I had to make a decision whether to stay on there to do my degree course or not, the lecturer in charge of the degree course was sexist and didn’t think I was capable of competing with the boys in completing my degree course. Needless to say after I had completed the third year at that college I moved to another college to start my foundation degree course.

In today’s world you would expect a lot better than this kind of treatment even now, within technology women doing coding and taking an interest in technology is something that is still sadly on the rare side and is almost never seen in the broader scheme of things. This still shouldn’t be common practise in the 21st century, even now when I am thinking of doing things that I wouldn’t normally do at University it is generally me being the only woman on the course, this an the fact that some men seem to have the opinion that women struggle to do certain things within the computing sector and this really shouldn’t exist anymore!

With all this in mind I am sincerely hoping that things turn around within the next few years and I am hoping that more women challenge the labels and step forward, saying “I can and I will” taking the attitude of I don’t really care what other people think, I’m going to go ahead and do what I want to anyway without giving anything else a second thought.

Please let me know if you have come up against anything similar, or if you are male and reading this and have experienced this sort of thing from women it might be interesting to get some of your views as well in the comments box below. I feel there needs to be a proper discussion on this topic.

Love Always



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