Follow Your Dreams…

Hi All,

So a few things have happened just lately that have made me realise something. When life is getting you down STOP and think for one moment about what it could be that’s getting you down, then endeavour to do something about it before it manifests into something and almost makes you want to do something because it is simply just the easiest route.

This is what happened to me, I began to feel as though things weren’t going anywhere so I picked myself up and dusted myself down and now I am able to get on with things slightly happier now than I was before!

Photograph taken by Mike

So I needed to smarten my social media up and get some photos done for me that actually made me feel good about myself and they have! I got someone who I would highly recommend, his name is Mike and I will leave his details down below just in case anyone wants to hire him to take any wedding photos/ social media photos. I really couldn’t recommend him enough, he came in bright and early on Sunday morning! This was fantastic as I needed them doing as soon as possible and he certainly did that. Now if anyone doesn’t like having their photo taken, this is your guy, he puts you at ease and suggests different ways that you can pose to get the best looks in your photos. He spent a few hours with me, we went around the local area finding different scenes and backgrounds to use for different pictures that he took, it was a lovely autumn day too!

I really couldn’t have asked for anything more and the photos that he took will certainly be used, for everything from now on because they really are absolutely amazing, once again, Thank you Mike!

A Quote that I always keep in mind

So, as I have already said if you feel like your life is getting a little monotonous and as though you need to take a step back to assess where you are going, just do it. Then if you want to try something completely different go for it, no one else can do that apart from you!

In the comments box below, leave something that inspires you or something that you would like to achieve, but the idea of doing something different put you off. Let’s see if we can all achieve something and become more productive together, in whatever we try to achieve. Also if you have achieved something that you didn’t feel was possible at one time or another, maybe leave that below as well and maybe you could find some encouragement to continue in your endeavours in the comments box below. Let’s boost positivity!

Furthermore, if you would like to book a photographer to either to your wedding/engagement photos or any profile photos, you need to give Mike a message on his site:

Mike Reynolds Photography

He also has a blog site which you can read for yourself if you want to see his latest projects and read all about the different aspects of photography, I will leave the link to the blog post he did about last weekend in here: Autumnal Photo Shoot . You can also check out Mike’s work on his Facebook and Instagram as well, I hope you like looking through his work as much as I did in the run up to the shoot!

As always, thank you for reading my posts, it is really appreciated and I will hopefully do another one next week!

Lots of Love Always



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