End Game Review

Hi All,

How are you guys?

So lets get things started the way we mean to go on on here. What better way to begin that with a lovely play that I had the pleasure of seeing on the opening preview night at the ‘Old Vic Theatre’ London. Can I first just say what a brilliant theatre that this is, the theatre and the staff are all incredible. Recently refurbished everything is up to a really high standard inside, even including a lift for my mum and all the other disabled theatre goers to use, who choose to enter the theatre via the Waterloo Road entrance.

The theatre is currently showing EndGame as part of a Double Bill with ‘Rough for Theatre Two’, which is the first play that you see in the theatre. Both are equally funny and amusing. The plays two main stars are Alan Cummings and Daniel Radcliffe and what an incredible, dynamic double act they really are. They told the whole 20 minutes show of ‘Rough for Theatre Two’ brilliantly as they bounced off one another on stage.

Both plays written by Samuel Beckett showcase people who are either physically or emotionally trapped, for example in ‘Rough For Theatre Two’ there was a man standing on the window sill deciding whether to jump or not and he was therefore trapped in that emotional and physical state. Where as, in EndGame Alan playing Hamm was unable to stand from his chair, whilst Daniel playing Clov was unable to sit, showing how they were trapped physically.

Endgame gives the impression of what waiting for the End of the World if you were the last few survivors, rationing food and drink between the few people who are left. While Hamms Mum and Dad are encapsulated in Wheelie Bins with sand in the bottom throughout the whole of the play. The play was excellently funny and brilliantly told throughout, the level of acting, right down to the way Daniel (Clov) walked and went up and down the ladder that he had to do countless times.

I would recommend any one this show, as it was absolutely amazing, I will of course go back for whatever the Old Vic showcase next, as this has once again proven to me how good Plays are and how it does you good occasionally to sit through a good play!

Let me know if you go and check it out in the comments box below.

Much Love

Jem xx

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