Escape from Pretoria Review

Hi All,

Welcome to another movie review! This one is unique in two very different ways. The first is that unlike any of the new movies that I have been to see, I didn’t have to leave the house to go and see the movie, I downloaded an app to my iPhone which enabled me to rent the movie for 48 hours. This then enabled me to cast the movie to my TV using Google Chrome Cast, I will include the link to the app at the bottom of this Blog Post!


Escape from Pretoria is based on true events that occurred during the apartheid days of South Africa. Where a group of prisoners attempted to escape from prison in order to make a stand for their rights!

This is well and truly an edge of the seat thriller, the story of one mans true genius is so awe inspiring and utterly unbelievable and still remains incredible to this day! Daniel Radcliffe has done it again with his superb acting ability.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this movie when I first heard of it, but now I can safely say that it remains among some of the best movies that I have ever seen, as I said earlier you don’t even have to leave from the comfort of your own home, with the ‘Curzon Home Cinema’ Application you can stream the movie straight to the TV with help from a Google Chrome Cast device.

If you go and see this movie, please let me know what you think of it too, by typing in your own quick review in the comments box below.

Much Love

Jem xx

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