Victor Frankenstein Movie Review

Hey all,

Welcome to another week! This week I thought I would review a slightly darker movie based on the epic Mary Shelley classic Frankenstein, which I only viewed just a couple of months ago. It is a slightly different retelling of the famous Frankenstein story that most people know and love, called Victor Frankenstein.

So without further explanation here we go. The story opens and is told from the point of view of Igor who has a slightly different beginning to the one that we all know, he is actually incredibly talented and so brave as well.

Daniel Radcliffe portrays the role of Igor so brilliantly, it is incredible the way that he has to walk and act and he manages to keep up the act all the way through, even in the beginning when it was really tough for Igor and he didn’t know what real life was! James McAvoy was also absolutely unbelievable as Victor Frankenstein, playing a real scientific genius erratic with his work. Both actors got their parts spot on!

The whole film was awesome where graphics and special effects are concerned as well! The bones and all of the intricate little details of organs all displayed as if they were on a scientific blackboard as if they were written by Victor himself. Then all of the effects later on in the movie were also brilliant as well.

Please check this movie out, because this is one of the best alternative horrors that I have seen in a long time, it’s not really that scary either. Although still not suitable for those younger audiences, though so please don’t show it too people younger than the ages that are meant to see it, always go by the guidance on the streaming service or the DVD/Blu ray case.

If you have seen Victor Frankenstein please let me know what you thought of the movie in the comments box below, because I would love to get a discussion going about this movie in the comments.

Love Always

Jem xx

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