Braking for Whales Movie Review

Hi All,

Hope you are all well? I recently came across this weird and wonderful comedy starring Tom Felton, who is more commonly known as the actor who portrayed Draco Malfoy throughout the Harry Potter Movie franchise. As a massive Harry Potter fan myself, this drew me into watching his new movie, Braking for Whales.

Now, I didn’t know what to expect before watching this movie, although I am writing this whilst laughing still at some moments during the movie, which in itself is a good sign. So, the movie starts off where Brendan (Tom Felton) and his sister Star’s (Tammin Sursok) mother had passed away, and she left them an unusual request in her will, that she hoped would get the pair of them talking again after they had been estranged from each other for many years. This request, involved the two siblings confined together within an RV for two days, whilst they endeavoured to fulfil their mothers last wish.

The voyage included many interesting and funny moments, although there were quite a few serious moments as well. This journey it becomes apparent throughout that it’s not just about them accepting each other, but about them accepting themselves too along the way.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would conclude that this movie is charming, comedic and very entertaining throughout! This is definitely a movie to lift everyones mood, so I would actively encourage everyone to give this a watch. I will include a link to the trailer as always, just click the poster image of the movie. The movie is now also available on iTunes to either rent or purchase.

As always, please let me know in the comments below if you have seen the movie what you thought about it.

Lots of love

Jem xx

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