About Me

Hi, I thought it might be time for a little introduction about me, maybe before or after you have started reading the content on this blog, you might have read some of my blog posts first, but here goes a little about me.

A picture of me on a rare sunny day in the UK!
Me on a rare sunny day!

First things first, I am from the UK and currently reside in the county of Lincolnshire, I am also studying Computer Science with the Open University but am also working on other projects at the same time… Keep posted on what I am doing by following me on my social media accounts (links below).

I first came across blogging shortly after I really began finding out new things about social media, during my college years whilst being a typical teenager glued to technology, although I was studying it at the time, so I suppose I had an excuse… right?

I am also working on different pieces of content writing for people as well at the moment, so if this is something that you would be interested in me doing for you, please feel free to use the email form to contact me.

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