About Me

Hi, I thought it might be time for a little introduction about me, maybe before or after you have started reading the content on this blog, you might have read some of my blog posts first, but here goes a little about me.

In my Happy Place!

First things first, I am from the UK and currently reside in the county of Lincolnshire, I am a new Podcaster a Vlogger. Who talks a lot about mental health, based a lot on past experiences. As well as the occasional book, movie or theatre production too.

I first came across blogging shortly after I really began finding out new things about social media, during my college years whilst being a typical teenager glued to technology, although I was studying it at the time, so I suppose I had an excuse… right?

I am also working on different pieces of content writing for people as well at the moment, so if this is something that you would be interested in me doing for you, please feel free to use the email form to contact me.

Furthermore, if anyone has any ideas on content, or would like to arrange a collaboration please feel free to email me. I will include links within this page to my podcasts and Vlogs as well, so you can keep up with the different content that I am creating as well.

Basically all this started because I really don’t like being bored, so during the lockdown I’ve really had the chance to sit down and think what I really want to do and platforms like YouTube and Anchor that I use for my Videos and Podcasts really encourage me to get out and about to create more content.

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